Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac and Windows

Heard about Apple TV high definition screensavers? Yes the new Apple TV comes with a variety of slow-moving screensavers of various landmarks and places from places like San Francisco, New York city, Hawaii, London and China. Apple used drones and helicopters to shoot these stunning locations.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.54.55 PM

Now you can get these screensavers in your Mac and Windows machines. Thanks to developers John Coates and Dmitry Sadakov. The screensaver app name is called Aerial and you can download it for free from github repos of John Coates and Dmitry Sadakov for Mac and Windows respectively. The app has the ability to support multiple screensavers for different displays connected to your PC or Mac and also auto-load the latest Aerials from the Apple site. The app streams the videos from Apple and it need internet connectivity to work. You can find the usage instructions from the developer’s github’s page.

PS: Please click here to see the preview of all the screensavers.

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