Brave – A browser that blocks ads and trackers

Brave Browser

One of the most annoying part of browsing experience in any browser is Ads. Apart from being annoying, they can be invasive and dangerous (one can implant malware through ads) too. I hate it and most do. There are lots of plugins available in the market (e.g Adblock Plus, uBlock origin etc) to block ads but they are not available as a part of browser feature (except for Opera which added Adblock feature for mobile recently). Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and founder of Javascript has come up with Brave, a web browser that automatically blocks ad and trackers offering speed, security, cross-platform compatibility etc.

Brave browser ad block

Brave is an open-source initiative based on Chromium (open-source project that is responsible for Chrome) and is developed using the Electron framework. Since Brave is based on Chrome, many Chrome browser shortcuts will work on the desktop version. Brave has all the necessary features that a modern browser is expected to have. Please see the screenshots below to take a look at yourself.


Brave browser privacy

Brave doesn’t block ads by default, instead it replaces the blocked ads with its own programmatic ads claiming its ads are faster and safer. Instead of using cookies to show ads, Brave will use your browsing history to target ads. And of course you can disable this from the settings and block all ads if you wish. Also tracking cookies and pixels is blocked by Brave which offers complete privacy for users. One more feature I like about Brave is, HTTPS everywhere which enforces HTTPS for all website by default making your browser experience safe and secure.

Brave is available for all the platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Brave is something worth trying 🙂

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