Check if you have been PWNED

In today’s world, protecting sensitive data is critical to any big organisation and a data breach can be catastrophic to its reputation and stocks. Attacks on Adobe, Ashley Madison, Linkedin are some examples. Most of the time customer’s data (credit card info, passwords, emails) are compromised but customers have no idea about it as most organisations don’t notify the customers unless its serious. Some Governments are even considering new laws to enforce companies to notify the customers in such a case.

Have I been pwned? is a website which can let users check if they were affected by any know data breaches. The site only saves the usernames and email addresses and has the database of more than 345 million compromised accounts from more than 100 breaches on various sites. The user can subscribe to get email notification if their information appears in a new breach (Don’t worry they wont sell your email). The site is run by Troy Hunt, an Australian web security expert and this is how he verifies data breaches.

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