Get free Insync Plus Account

Heard of Insync? Not yet? Insync is basically a Google Drive sync client with awesome features like multi-account support (similar to Dropbox, OneDrive etc), automatic document conversion, cross-platform support(including headless CLI, ARM/Raspberry Pi) etc. Google has its own client but its no good and has limited features. Also there is no multi-account support. Also it is the only working Google Drive client for Linux.

Now Insync offers free Insync Plus account which usually costs 25$ per Google account. I have started using this great tool recently and quite impressed. The features that helps me a lot are selective-sync and file filters as I have a lot in my Google drive and usually sync between home and office laptops with multiple accounts.
This offer is available only for only one Gmail account and if you try adding additonal gmail account then the newly signed up account will be put on a 14 day trail. To solve this problem, you can signup with your new account using the free Insync Plus link and use that account to login in to your client and your new account will be identified as a plus. Only 48 hours left approximately when I was writing this blog post. So hurry up and signup!


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