Node.js V6 released

Node.js is the most popular cross-platform runtime environment has reached version 6 with some performance improvements along with better test coverage, security and widened support for ES2015. Unlike Node.js version 5(v5) this release(v6) comes with LTS(Long Term Support) giving more stability and reliability. However Node.js version 4(v4) LTS users will get continued support until April 2017. With respect to v5 there will be continued maintenance for few more months and I think hopefully it will be until October when the LTS support for v6 starts.

Node.js LTS Schedule

It has been said that this release ships with V8 Javascript engine version 5 supporting 93% of all ES6 features. But Kangax compatibility table says otherwise for nightly builds which supports 96% of ES2015.

Highlights of this release:

  • Module loading in v6 is 4 times faster compared to v4. So bigger applications can startup considerably faster which is a big relief at least for me.
  • Improved File system and Buffer APIs. New constructor introduced for Buffer along with a zeros-ill-buffers command-line flag.
  • Improved Math.random() implementation to be more secure. Actually this is a v8 improvement but added into v6.
  • Increased test coverage
  • Better documentation

The Node.js project has done an incredible job of brining this version to life in the timeline that we initially proposed in September 2015

says Mikeal Rogers, community manager for Node.js Foundation. He adds on,

Its important for us to continue to deliver new versions of Node.js equipped with all the cutting-edge Javascript features to serve the needs of developers and to continue to improved the performance and stability enterprises rely on.

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